Autentico Venice Lime Paint

In addition to high quality Chalk Paints, we also supply Autentico Venice Lime Paint. 

What is Venice Lime Paint?

Autentico Venice is a high quality, pure Lime paint designed to give a long lasting unique finish with superior coverage and beautiful depth of colour.

Where can it be used?

Venice Lime Paint can be used to give stunning effects on furniture, however its true beauty can be seen when used on interior walls.  This paint is suitable for use in new builds and renovations and is particularly suited to historic, period and listed buildings; our formula is similar to the paints that would have been in use many years ago.  Additionally Venice Lime Paint is available in many of Autentico's traditional deep and rich colours.

Unlike normal emulsions, Lime paint does not make a traditional film when it dries, this drying procedure makes lime paint superb at allowing walls to 'breath' and  helps in controlling moisture (damp); and, providing the underlying surface is sound it will not blister or flake.  

More Information 

Building owners, Architects, Heritage Contractors, Specialist Painters and consumers are invited to contact us directly for further information on Autentico Venice Lime Paint, our contact details are below.


Due to the wide range of colours and the short shelf life of Lime Paints, each batch of Autentico Venice Lime Paint is tinted, mixed and shipped to order. To order, please contact us at 08799 80510 or by email to