Superior Eggshell Paint

This is a version of our enhanced chalk paint, its primary constituents are chalk, lime and water, however it contains additional ingredients that make it particularly suited to interior and exterior woodwork and furniture.  Once fully dry and cured, Autentico Superior Eggshell has a durable wipe clean finish that has a low sheen factor (approx 15%)

As with all of our products we recommend that you complete some preparation in advance of painting.

Click here to view Lily Bloom's suggested paint preparation guide

It is highly recommended that Autentico Superior Eggshell is painted on in thin coats and that it is left 14 - 16 hours between coats (overnight is ideal).  After painting with the final coat it is suggested that the painted item is subjected to light use for the first week to ten days.  This is due to the curing process, this paint dries 'from the inside out'.    

Unlike regular chalk paint It is not necessary to apply any wax or varnish to protect the completed project.

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The number of coats required is dependent on the colour chosen and the surface that is being painted. As with all paints, deep colours with lots of pigments will take more coats that an off-white or grey.